Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been trying out my hand on art pendants since last month, ruined quite a few during the glazing part where the glass is sealed with the artwork. Especially tricky.... having a lot of problems with bubbles & blank holes around and under the glass after the whole thing has cured! =( 

Also imperfect glass from suppliers, colors that aren't as vibrant once the glass is set, etc...  So this is the first successful one, it is a magnifying glass dome with one of my old artwork 'Girls in Cemeteries' on a gold-plated base. The little rose is a cute accent. Hope you like it! Available in my Etsy shop here:

Also tried out this thing called Gilder's Paste. It is GREAT I want all the colors muahaha... Wax-based, works like shoe polish, the ones I got were a little hardened so some thinner needed to soften it down. Simple. It's about US$9.00 per tin including shipping. Tried it out on 2 pendant settings and they are looking dandy so far, will still need a layer of varnish to seal them. I mis-bought 'Verdigris' when I needed 'Patina', so recently ordered the plain white; hopefully I can mix them down to a minty color.

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