Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Enjoy, I saved this post for a time closer to halloween! If you're in a mood for short horror flash games, check out Exmortis 1 & Exmortis 2. They are abandoned houses photos incorporated into a mostly point-click sequence game. Just click on my links and go to 'Play this Game' on the pages. If you ever get stuck, there's a walkthrough around as well, just google it! 

For a longer halloween game, maybe you can try 'Phantasmagoria' which was released in 1995, I loved it as a kid. You do alot of exploring and watch alot of movieclips within the game as well, but the graphics will seem much low-tech and low-res compared to present day graphics. I recalled it came in a 7-CDrom set back then.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


You can find more pics on Pluto + others on the label 'Cats'. I thought the 3rd picture is hilarious. Pluto is one of my bf's many kitties and he's not yet a year old. Seems to be very vocal because everytime the camera snaps, his mouth is usually open.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'd like to share this gorgeous postcard from the 1950s. My aunt bought it while vacationing in Spain, she said it was love at first sight. Too bad another matching card she bought is now missing. There is embroidery and a taffeta skirt with sequins sewn onto the card, double backed with another card. Very creative. I would love to try this technique out although the post office machines will probably rip a postcard like this to bits.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just received a pink fuzzy octopus. 10 brownie points if you can guess what he does for a living.




He's a back massager; the kinds made of hard cushion and you whack on your back for loosening your muscles. I shall dub him 'Takoshi' mwahaha. Takoshi seems to like gymnastics as well...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Yellow Rose at Getty Museum, LA

I was tagged by Her Anatomy! Check out her blog at http://heranatomy.blogspot.com/
These tagging lists are getting longer by the year, I remember you only had to list 6 facts last year!

1) Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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1) I am bad at video games that require me to press buttons at the right time or combi-moves, which is why I stick to games like Sims or turn-based RPG games or single button kills like Tenchu (cool ninja game). I love the oldschool 8-bit & 16-bit games but never managed to beat mario!!

2) I love vintage anything and have a horrible inclination of hording my stock of vintage jewellery; when I should be focusing on SELLING them and earning my costs back...

3) I'm very quiet because my brain is masterminding my next big project.

4) Love horror movies & games. My favourite movie is "The Shining" (directed by Stanley Kubrick). I also like "Dark Water" (Hono gurai mizu no soko kara) directed by Hideo Nakata, "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock... the aliens in "They Live" by John Carpenter, Freddy Krueger  in "Nightmare on Elm Street" & Pennywise the clown in "IT" are cool. My favourite game is 'Phantasmagoria' which I played with my best friend when we were eleven; and the 'Fatal Frame' series are so freakishly addictive. I don't like slasher flicks though!

5) I am a self-taught artist, so I want to learn other techniques from proper art lessons.

6) I find it hard to find music that I like.

7) I never regret the gadgets I purchase and they last me till they go broke. Still using my first cellphone though it's cracked and chipped, still using my first digital camera, still using my first mp3 player (ipod mini), my first computer (imac), first printer... still working fine! I even still keep my first and only discman player. To do this you must think "Will I still like this colour 5 years from now?", "Will this design look dated in 5 years time?" & "Is this a trustworthy brand?"... lol

I tag anyone on my follow list & blogroll who wants to do this! Just leave a comment on my blog and I'll check yours out, we want to know more about you!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yuzu's latest album 'Wonderful World', I bought this CD + DVD limited edition from Ebay and it's been a while really since I enjoyed a cd this much.

Yuzu is a Japanese folk-rock duo, and 10 years have passed since their official debut. Time really flies! I became a fan despite not knowing a single word of Japanese then! I love their summery harmonies as well as their thoughtful lyrics (after I found out what they were singing lol). One of my favourite folk instument is the harmonica, which is played super skillfully by Iwasawa Koji who also juggles his guitar at the same time.

For this album I'm glad they returned to their roots of more folkish songs. In the past few years, their music was straying abit from folk and more into commercial pop which was quite disappointing, since I felt the best albums were their pre-debut mini album of street performances (they were originally busking in the streets). 


Yep I'm S-L-O-W... just realised to add the 'Following' gadget by blogger and found out how to add others as well...

To add the widget, go to Layout > Add a gadget > Followers.

To follow my blog, just click the widget which says 'Follow this blog' on the right side bar.
To add other people's blog who hasn't installed the widget, Copy the blog's address > go to Dashboard > Reading List > Add > Paste the address. It should appear under your reading list. 

Friday, October 10, 2008


This may sound wierd but shopping therapy does not work for me. I feel very stressed when shopping, because spending a bomb on supplies when my bank account is not very full is not very pleasant lol. My preferences for spending money is on yummy FOOD. Calculating and juggling stores for the best prices are the worst part of sourcing! This year for Christmas I'll be focusing on Lemon Kitscharms at http://lemonkitscharms.blogspot.com (my supplies & jewellery shop). Florals will be my theme; right now I am creating alot of cameo necklaces, Holly Hobbie rings and these beautiful floral cameos:

There have been hiccups on my materials lately; the manufacturer decided to change the plating of the rings to a yellow gilt and the colour is so wrong. It's now pale yellow rather than gold. And my bezels are gold... very annoying! Also there have been occassional faulty cameos, it's not worth it for me to return the faulty products so I gotta reorder and wait a few weeks for it to arrive besides absorbing the costs for the faulty goods... I can't stand selling products that are not up to par. Also my supplier for my ox-brass chain sold out on his stock for ages & I patiently waited & went to his store again and again (it's an hour's travel) on the promised shipment dates... but they never arrived! In the end he said he didn't KNOW when it was arriving! Sheesh. Thank God I found another supplier which is a new shop just down the street.

I'm curious to know what problems you face when sourcing?

Oh yes check out my handmade cute paper baggies on Etsy. I'm really a chronic paper bag maker! These are pouches for promos or packing supplies, selling in lots of 45. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I was bored and many people have been avataring themselves on flickr. This is technically not me. For one, I got teenier eyes and hair so straight and fine my ears pop out through my hair (lol). Also they didn't have a grouchy mouth which was too bad because I have a grumpy looking face. But I do own a pair of red geek eyeglasses though my black one is the one I use all the time =)

Get yours at http://faceyourmanga.com/ and post yours on your blog!

Monday, October 6, 2008


My latest artwork coloured digitally in photoshop. I wanted a nouveau feel and my usual theme of flowers! This took several months (I'm ashamed at my slowness)! 

Also some of you might've wondered of my absense, I'd like to thank all the kind folks who've been checking back on my blog while I was sick and especially to Bobbi who asked if I was ok =). Anyhow what happened was I had a high fever that wouldn't go away for a week so I took a blood test and nothing was up; no pneumonia, no dengue fever, no cancer. Just a very bad virus or maybe a multiple of them. So far no sales (on Etsy) while I was sick, I also made use of the newly implemented 'Vacation' option thus! How is sales for everyone on Etsy? These few weeks has been quite a ghost town. I wonder if it's the lack of buyer traffic or my products are not up to par?