Saturday, May 31, 2008


My latest ACEO art card inspired by 1940s-50s hollywood movies. It turned out pretty ok, the background has star motifs made with gold pen. Available at my shop here:

This other one is called 'Chrysanthemum and Knot'. It looks japanese, but was supposed to be chinese, inspired by the martial arts tv dramas I've been watching... took quite a while (2 weeks) on-off because I wasn't sure what I wanted. Available at my shop here:

Phew! And another treasury, the 2nd time my sakura girl is in a teal-and-pink themed treasury! You guys must check out the other Etsyian's work - wonderful!!
Here's the link (expires in 3 days):

Friday, May 30, 2008


Ah... these are gorgeous lol! I saw them on the Etsy treasuries, I am so getting one as gifts later on =) Soaps realistically made to look like amethyst crystals and turquoise stone, very cool concept. Visit the shop here : Amethyst Soaps

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Kaku Ten Bou Ice Soda by Meiji!! I wanna gobble them up (all 10 sticks). They are too small I need 2 per sitting lol. They taste of soda or more of tutti-fruitti and inside is vanilla, a tad too sweet for my mom but they're so nostalgic. Bought them because of what-else but their packaging! The weather has been hot so ice lollies are the way to go.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Amazing stuff if you haven't seen these yet. They are paintings on hands by Italian artist, Guido Daniele. I don't want to posts images without his permission so here's a screenshot from his site.
His site here :

Also on a side note, I was looking to take part in a "Buy-and-Replace" BnR treasury on Etsy when I saw 2 of my artworks in one treasury made by Nekobasu! Thank you~~
Here's the link (though expiring):

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have some chic vintage art deco earrings that had paint chipped off and was unsaleable because of the lousy condition. So I'm gonna just experiment and try my hand at restoring them. These earrings will be on sale when it's finally done; they are such dearies it'll be a pity to toss them aside so even if I sold them off for a few bucks, it's all worth it!

Step 1: 
I didn't think of taking a picture of the earrings in their original state; these deco fan earrings are metallic black that was chipped and was white in some parts. Before starting, I used alcohol to clean them to remove any excess oils and dirt. Then I took black acrylic paint (this brand is Daler & Rowney's) and gave it 2 coats of paint front and back. A few hours in between each coat front and back. The photo shows when I had one coat and proceeding with the 2nd.

Ditto for these deco leaf earrings. They were originally white, and the white chipped off very obviously leaving a brass (?) base. 2 coats in this photo, and as you can see, the paint came out more even than single coat...

Step 2:
Next is using a sealant of some sort. I decided to be experimental and use this liquid embossing for decoupages rather than conventional varnish hehe. Keeping my fingers crossed!

The photo shows after I've applied one coat of the embossing liquid with a paintbrush (still wet). Let it dry (supposedly for 48 hours to cure). 

Step 3:
Aw failed attempt! There was fine bubbles I couldn't rid off because the liquid sets way too quick for me to even use a brush without it lumping together =(

Step 4:
Varnish this time!! No painting. So I dipped it straight in the container lol and used the brush to swipe off excess varnish. Hopefully it come out better this time... 

Step 5:
Finished product. Slight uneveness because of that smart-alecky attempt of mine lol but looks ok. I couldn't figure a way to let it sit to dry without a wet part touching the surface so there's some roughness over there too. 2 layers of acrylic paint, 2 layers of embossing liquid and 1 layer of varnish. Do better the next time!

Friday, May 23, 2008


This is the reason why I don't sell on Ebay anymore. It's a very imbecilic policy.

Here is my latest card 6 x 4" illustration. I used to design alot of shirt dresses while I was working for a local fashion company a couple years back, and the bug hit me again. It also seems to be back in trend. Of course I never drew the models in this cutesy way =P

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Might take a while to load, but it's a rather neat animation!
MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


All flower & succulent pics taken at Getty Museum. Time was evening and the sun was almost down so the pictures came out less vivid than wanted. Watch out now... a whole slew of them! I'd always think I'll use them for reference or some digital collage but never really do =P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Paul E. Getty Museum trip in LA. The place has a wonderful collection and a nice garden. Everyone's gotta go there if they are visiting LA. The best thing: free admission! Just pay parking fees. That day there was a strange heatwave, we thought it would be cold like the last time I went in June 2 years ago but it was blazing hot. That day we also saw Britney Spears crash her car at the freeway... See this post here regarding that night.

A shot while snacking on a bagel  & chips. We were hungry cuz we didn't have lunch that day. These didn't provide very much shade lol.


Snakes on your platter anyone? Including some prawns, frogs, lizards and other cool stuff.


Cameos: left one is a huge pearl incorporated carving and right one is a detailed profile in ivory (?)


Spanish manuscript illumination: 'The Lamb Defeating the Ten Kings'. It is an imagery of the Apocalypse.


A Sphinx. I thought it looked rather bizarre and imposing.


Forgot the name of the painting but it is Christ and John the Baptist.


I'd love to live in one of these... temporarily. They make you feel very small.


More! Very lovely reconstructed rooms, however I prefer to live with less excess.


I felt this was the most striking painting and is my favourite. Almost photo realistic! It's huge too.


Gotta get a shot of Monet of course. 


Funky water fountain somewhere above the maze gardens. It was echoing and quite large.


The  sea looms in the background. Foreground consists of the cactus gardens (not accessible to public).


Sunset at last. Was a really hot day!

Monday, May 19, 2008


My latest illustration on cardstock in 6 x 4". It's got a shapes & colour theme going on and is entitled 'Primary' for the use of blues, yellows and reds. Enjoy! It's available on my Etsy shop here

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I finally got out my photos from the external harddrive I brought back. So here are some touristy shots taken at Universal Studios, Hollywood. It was a VERY hot bright day that afternoon.

Shaggy & Scooby left their VW van outside. Maybe toilet break. I thought it was just a display till he came back and was a little hyperly friendly.


I sneaked a shot of the interior, like I said I thought it was a display prop, but it was Shaggy & Scooby's real mode of transport. Don't think I was supposed to get THIS close lol.


Ooh I love the Back to the Future movies. Here are the cars. Buff's car should move out of the way. We all want to see the Delorean!


There you go.. it was beaten up really. Not in a pretty state!


I think this was a set for Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. The tram went into the water if I remembered right.


From one of my fave movies. The Bates Motel from 'Psycho'! I got really excited but was on the wrong side of the tram. See I made it monochrome like how we all remembered it in Alfred Hitchcock's movie. Unfortunately there wasn't much emphasis on showcasing the set, and I couldn't get a clearer picture. We went past that spooky lil house (background)where Mama Bates lived but still no clear shot.


Instead we lingered on this set from 'War of the Worlds' =/ so tourists can take pictures but I wasn't too interested cuz I didn't really enjoy the movie.


The Back to the Future ride was replaced by The Simpsons ride. However it is still under construction. Kwik-E-Mart was open though!


I need some Krusty-Os. Kough syrup looks suspicious.


Marge on the walls where they are still constructing the new Simpsons ride.




Homer & Maggie. I forgot to get a shot of Lisa.


This thing rules. He came out of the House of Horrors, that is one attraction I highly recommend mwahaha.