Saturday, October 1, 2016


Here are the latest Winter & Christmas digi stamps just released in my shop! I tried to design them as interchangeable as possible.

Building Snowman
Drew this on a whim, reminds of Calvin & Hobbes! Maybe she is Susie with longer hair lol. The artwork is 5" height as she is on her knees but large enough for a card project.

5.7 inches height. 
I drew this as a match to Christmas Carol Angel except this digi is more versatile for other occasions. Did you notice the star in her halo?

6 inches width. 
I was thinking what animal I could use for Christmas other than polar bears and penguins... Tortoises deserve Christmas so there it is!

6.9 inches height. 
Quintessential penguin. This digi can be used for both winter and Christmas projects.

7.5 inches height. 
Penguins are one of my favourite birds so I drew another.

9 inches height. 
She is part ice queen, part Glinda from the Wizard of Oz, and part Christmas tree topper.

This one is a pack including a bonus version without the snowflake background in case you'd like to customise the scenery. 7.5 inches (original) & 7 inches (no background version).