Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yup see I've been busy lol. Entitled 'Floral Pop', there will probably be a few more similar flower girl paintings coming up. This is, as usual, made with acrylic on canvas. It came out slightly different from my sketch (which was more manga) but that's alright. One thing good about acrylic, I can change the colours as many times as needed. The flowers were a pain to do but have always wanted to do something like this for years. This is inspired by art nouveau, 60s psychedelia & flower power and 70s shoujo manga - ain't I greedy.

Work in progress snapshots:

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A new painting on canvas, I've never made black a major colour much because of the constraints of markers so this was mission fulfilled. The background is actually more of a dark grey with reddish undertones. This was created because I have a post-it note reminding me to do something inspired by 'Beckoning Strings' (a song by Altered Images) & Puppet Master (ya the B horror movie). I went on youtube and saw a bunch of very nice lifelike marionettes from the 1930s/40s at work so this came about. Hope you like it.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


My bf and me went to Fort Siloso on Sentosa island in March earlier this year and I thought to share some photos. It was a last minute trip, now that there is a convenient monorail linking to Sentosa island to the mainland we thought to pop over to Sentosa because bf wants to take a look at the giant Merlion statue. At the same time it was about 4pm and so many of the attractions were closing, we decided to pay a visit to the Fort Siloso attraction since he thought the old military exhibits would be cool. It was also the cheapest attraction at SGD$8.00.

Here's the Merlion! You can go into his mouth but you'd have to pay.

The cable cars have finally resumed operation, I think they upgraded the cabins since the old ones had really horrible ventilation and makes traveling uncomfortable in our sticky hot weather.

Entrance to Fort Siloso attraction. It is a coastal artillery fort and the only one left preserved from the British colonial days, other forts are inaccessible, removed or overtaken by foliage. It is not a true preservation though, since the place has been altered (possibly for commercialism). Anyway, by the time we reached here we were told by the tour guides that they were closing in 20 mins! We were the only ones there, besides another couple. So if you thought the place looked quiet in the photos, the reason was because it really was.

So after waiting for the last tram to take us uphill we started to rush through the attraction. The tunnels and underground bunkers were our priority so we skipped the indoor exhibits. This photo shows it going down into the tunnels.

Lots of stairs and narrow corridors.

Inside the underground.

Don't know what this room is for? It is just a steep creepy narrow crevice, I went in, small area to the left and right. It extends all the way upward once you're inside, don't know what is up there since I didn't dare look lol.

You can't see it but this barricaded door is flooded and goes down to somewhere.

This mannequin is standing in a puddle of muck. He's even sweating lol. Yes the weather was extremely hot that day. Can he even see through that overgrowth of shrubs out there?

This is a shortcut that leads you up on normal land.

Lots of stairs going down.

Narrow stairs going all the way down to the beach, I'd love to explore that area since there should be old stuff down there but it is inaccessible and probably hazardous.

The guns are facing this area. 

Air-con bliss. Reason why we stayed so long in this one. There were videos and dummy exhibits on the Japanese invasion, British surrender, Japanese surrender and Singapore's independence.

The old Ford Motors factory is one of the rumoured haunted places in Singapore, that is, until they renovated the abandoned building (since 1980) into a museum. It is a nice art deco styled building.

You should hear the Japanese Occupation stories my dad had experienced as a teenager, let's just say it was a terrible time for all the people here during that time because of the brutality of the invaders. Always count our blessings now that we live in a peaceful country with no horrors of war.

Back out in the sweltering heat...

End of the day, the attractions closed, we missed the outgoing tram so had to walk downhill, the security was also checking whether we've left lol. 

Friday, May 20, 2011


Yup here's another one, I am unleashing a whole bunch of paintings because the stacks of canvas has been sitting in my room for too long. This is the first of the lot, started very early this year (or maybe last year) - uncompleted and collecting dust because of a painting error and I was too lazy to correct it until recently. This is made by acrylic on canvas, smallest sized canvas in the store, about 5 x 7".

Titled 'Petals in the Wind' and ready for hanging. The background is not yellow, but a bright chartreuse green. Available for sale in my Etsy shop here:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As I'm typing this my neighbour upstairs is driving me crazy with his drums (he practices it everyday)!! Anyhow here is one of the small-sized paintings made a few days back. I am working more on paintings and this one is entitled 'Prison Break', made on acrylic paper. 3.5 x 5 inches. It comes with a lightweight plastic frame that looks like wood =) Don't ask me about the bird.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Hello everyone, how are you? I've been busy - as usual with my jewellery biz but also more art projects and jobs... and catching up with Singapore politics & election (we are usually apathetic but this year has been engaging) and doing some research on investing in the stock market.

I've been in painting mode for the past week... the painting above is available in my Etsy shop, acrylic on paper in a photo frame. The phrase is from an operative in the 413th Flight Test Squadron from the US airforce. I thought it was sinister in a funny way. Hope you like the art, you can view more details on this link:

More to come soon!