Saturday, August 29, 2015


Folks who love colouring, you gotta check out this upcoming coloring contest organised by Cristena Bagne, to raise funds for clean water in Ethiopia! Clean water is something most of us take for granted, this reminds me to always be thankful for easy access of tap water.

My artwork 'Starfish Girl' is part of the selection, along with 4 other artists with their beautiful artworks!

Here's how it works:
Go to:

Donate $3.00 - $5.99, you get to choose 1 image
Donate $6.00 - $8.99, you get to choose 2 images
Donate $9.00 - $11.99, you get to choose 3 images
Donate $12.00 ++, and you get a sweet deal of all 5 images!

Not only that,
each contributor will have a chance to win one of these 4 prizes:
-  1 of 3 Coloring for Clean Water Event T-shirts  (men, women, or child sizes)
-  1 bag of Premium Signature Ethiopian Starfish Fundraising Coffee

The drive ends soon on 7 Sept, so please visit the site and get your stamps now! Don't forget to leave your name, email address and state which stamps you want.

You do not need to join the contest if you only want to donate, all contributions are appreciated! All donations go to providing clean water for villages in Ethiopia, run by Starfish Fundraising.

Here's the Facebook event for updates:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


So this is a digitally coloured update of "Star Field Fairy", a digi stamp which can be found here:

She is very versatile and I've always imagined her with a bit of an old-school kawaii vibe, like 80s Japanese stationery. Subconsciously I may have drawn her based on a 1980s-90s grape-flavoured candy called Twinkle - had the cutest packaging ever (wish I still had it)! And maybe even the 1980s Mitsubishi Twinkle character - skipped a few lunches to save up for two Twinkle pencils from the school bookshop in 1988; I never used them since they are so damm cute!! Wonder where those went... hope I still have them. One day I'll try my hand at the moldy 1980s stationery tucked away in my cabinets and post them online when I'm up for skin hives lol.

Anyhow back to Star Field Fairy, you can make it day or night, I prefer a bit of dusk for a cozy feeling to match the pastels. The purple is, you might have guessed, grape-flavoured!

Have fun colouring!

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Here is a coloured update of the digital stamp "Not my Dolly" - I had left this post in draft mode for months because I couldn't decide whether to update the original post or create an entirely new post. Anyhow new post it is! I am attempting to colour my linearts whenever there's time.

The digi stamp lineart is available here:

She is printed on an Epson inkjet printer, and these are the Copic & Prismacolor markers used (if I recall right). The only one not either was a deep red from Maxon Comic Twin:

Copics: Milky White, Skin White, Pale Cherry Pink, Blush, Pale Lavender.

Purple areas:

Copics: Pale Lavender, Blue Berry, Deep Reddish Blue.
Prismacolor: Violet Mist

Dress & Shoes:
Prismacolor: Warm Black, Cool Grey 40%, Cool Grey 50%, Cool Grey 60%, French Grey 50%, Process Red, Carmine Red.

Lips & Red Doll Dress:
Prismacolor: Process Red, Carmine Red
Maxon Comic Twin: Carmine

Friday, August 21, 2015


Digital stamp 'Bat Flapper Girl' - perfect for flapper and goth-themed lovers and of course for your Halloween crafts! I gave the coloured version a night atmosphere and cute pink bats to stand out. I like bats! Her colours remind me of chinese vampires.

The high res lineart is available here:

Thursday, August 13, 2015


The Lemon Shortbread Challenge Blog is almost ready!!
And we are having a DT call - If you are interested in designing for Lemon Shortbread digital stamps, please head over here: for details and link up! Submission ends 11 Sept 2015.