Saturday, January 30, 2016


Here's a shout out to a friend, Ruoshi. She is a professional caricaturist and artist for many years now. If you need her services, do drop her an email at: flowerism (at)
or message her on Facebook!

Her Facebook Page:

She is available for events (personal or corporate), commissioned portraits, as well as art classes.

If you'd like to request a commission, the price range varies depending on what you want - a speed drawing caricature (simple few minutes work), torso or full-body, a caricature with more details, or the more lifelike artistic rendition which takes many hours so it will be charged as such. For more details, please e-mail her for enquiries.

This multi-talented lady also performs Chinese Opera! As such her inspired character 'Hua Dan' is reflected in almost all of her oil paintings and illustrations. You can purchase them, or request a custom piece, just take a browse in her Facebook gallery.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Here is another free digi image of a simple fairy for you! You can join the Lemon Shorbread Facebook group to download and get the latest updates of new free digital stamps. Please retrieve it under the 'Files' tab.


Download it here

6.5 inches height, 300dpi jpg format
- For personal use only.
- Commercial use or for sale is not allowed.
- Please credit/ link if you are using it!
- Please do not share or distribute this image without a watermark on it.
- If your friends like it, please ask them to join the Lemon Shortbread Facebook group or direct them to this blogpost so they can read the Terms & Conditions.
- Freebie is available for an unlimited time, but just in case it is removed, please do not freely share/ distribute the files.

Thanks for all your support and hope you enjoy colouring her!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


These are new clip art vector packs just released in my shop, with more coming soon! I am starting out with art nouveau first and the graphics can be used for logos, books, stationery, design work and other small commercial use. They are available as .ai, .eps and .png files and can be manipulated in Illustrator. The pngs are transparent background and can be used in Photoshop.

The images are from a public domain 1900s design book by Maurice Pillard Verneuil. Just beautiful! I redrew them entirely in Illustrator, tweaked some of the symmetry, and swapped out colours. These will be converted into digistamps soon so crafters can colour in the lines.

The first one can be purchased here:





Sunday, January 10, 2016


Here are some new digi stamps, I finally managed to draw a trio so the"Angel Wings Series" set is now released and I can blog about it!

Mini Dress Fairy:
This one is the last angel-winged girl so I was struggling a bit on how she should turn out, in the end I went for normal manga style. Had fun drawing her dress and belt. She took a long time to clean digitally because I redrew the wings in Photoshop. My original inked sketch was just squiggles for the feathers.

Angel Wings Fairy:
She is called 'Metamorphosis'. She has butterflies on her dress but her wings turned fluffy this time.

Deco Angel Wings:
This girl is inspired by art deco and a bit of goth. I didn't draw the irises or pupils for her eyes so you can colour her eyes to give it a dreamy look.

If you like all of them, you can save some cash as the set is 3 for $10!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Here is a new digistamp coloured, titled '60s Love & Peace'. I like sixties fashion and she is dressed in a mini dress with paisley patterns and go-go boots. This style is also a little bit early 1970s. This illustration would be perfect for Valentines, best wishes or retro-themed crafts. I coloured her with markers and pastels. The 'love you' is written in white ink. Initially I wanted to do a psychedelic background with coloured pencils but am a bit pressed for time!

She is available in my Etsy shop:

Friday, January 1, 2016


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! What did you do on New Year's Eve? Well I made a short video demo with Colleen coloured pencils if you ever wondered about how they perform. Yup while the fireworks were going off in the horizon lol.

Colleen pencils are considered student's grade within the low price range, and are mostly used by childen in Asia. Since colouring books are quite popular now, adults and even artists worldwide are starting to discover them. They used to be made in Japan but are currently based in Thailand, of which the quality feels the same. You can get them on Amazon or Ebay.

They are much waxier, smoother and softer than my other pencils like say... the Luna Staedlers which I had as a child. I don't know exactly how good they are for professional work, because colour pencils are not my forte and I have never tried out professional grade pencils. I DO know I have a soft spot for them as they had the cutest, prettiest packaging back in the 70s-80s and all the cool kids had them in school because they were pricey back then, even the ones in default orange cartoon cardboard packaging. My absolute faves are the ones with shoujo illustrations on tin.
by Lemonshortbread on Etsy

Takahashi Macoto's shoujo girls were featured on many of the boxes. Can you tell why I am biased much?!
by PreppyPastel on Etsy

One of my fave shops on Etsy!
by GGdolls on Etsy.

This was the one I've used before in kindergarten or sunday school, unfortunately it wasn't mine but school property. All I did was stare at the packaging, I am not kidding.
This is a very cool site if you love vintage shoujo!

Think I've strayed off topic, anyhow I will post another more in-depth text review. Hope you enjoyed the video anyhow, 'like' and subscribe on youtube if you wish!