Tuesday, April 21, 2009



I took a pic to remind myself how delicious this tasted. It looked so pretty too. I know, so random. But then I don't get to eat cakey all that often. This photo will satisfy my future cravings!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


My current cellphone strap! I bought it quite some time back and only recalled owning it when I rummaged through my cluttered drawer. It's so kitsch and funny - perfect for my boring black phone. The pvc broom doubles as a screen-cleaner, the spray bottle flashes light whenever a call comes in and the blue detergent bottle does nothing except look cute. 

Check out these cleaning-related goodies I discovered from the wonderful handmade world of Etsy!





Friday, April 17, 2009


The latest ACEO artwork and the last one for the moment while I finally resume working on bigger sized artworks after... about 2 years. I haven't drawn proper sized illustrations since being hooked on doing these ACEOs (2.5 x 3.5"), and am almost too used to working in tiny sizes now. The above ACEO is entitled 'Lofty Thoughts' and made with pen and markers as usual. It is supposed to be slightly psychedelic but the effect is alittle more cartoony =)

I'm also adding some more items on my to-do list: some illustrations for cards, tees and get my Lemon Kitscharms jewellery site cart going since I have the domain now. Right now I'm selling my vintage & costume jewellery out of a blog shop and racking my brains on how to make the transition. 24 hours a day isn't enough! My new domain is this (but currently it's only an advert note to my blog shop hehe)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I was thinking of getting a new hair colour and style, maybe a caramel-sepia shade. The hairdressers don't get the style pat down so usually I'll bring along a reference pic. I've been browsing these Japanese sites : Kakimoto Arms Hairstyle book and Rasysa for the latest cutest hairstyles.

The above ACEO is made with pen, markers and the background is made with a silver pen. Love the sixties so I made her wear an enamel flower power brooch with cat eye glasses!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here's wishing everyone a Happy Easter! Just finished this ACEO (2.5 x 3.5" original) 'Floral Pop Escapade' yesterday, florals as usual in a range of tropical colours!

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Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sometimes we can discover some really interesting obscure sites - this is one of them! Featuring Japanese psychiatric-related adverts. Some really funky looking images, spanning from the 1920s to 2006. My response: head-scratching. I enjoyed the gallery!

The Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art original site:

English version (less content): 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've recently watched this absolutely hilarious movie called 'Detroit Metal City' starring Matsuyama Kenichi. It is about a timid countryside guy Negishi Souichi who packs up for Tokyo in search for a dream career of being a saccharine pop singer. To his horror he ends up being the leader of 'Detroit Metal City (DMC)' - a destructive death metal band singing about murder and rape; while assuming the role of the snarling 'terrorist from hell' Johannes Krauser II complete with over-the-top makeup and costumes. Against his will, DMC becomes extremely popular, and making things worse he runs into his crush Aikawa Yuri - a music magazine writer who views death metal music in contempt.

The plot centers around him trying to keep his secret from Aikawa and his mother, as well as a battle for the King of death metal title. The movie is adapted from the manga by Kiminori Wakasugi and was also produced into an anime series.

First of all Matsuyama Kenichi is totally unrecognisable! He is best known for his portrayal of L in Deathnote. It is hard to piece together that the cryptic L detective in Deathnote and Negishi/Krauser are one and the same person! His comedic timing is priceless; the full turnabout when he plays Negishi (dweeb haircut and feminine antics) to angst-ridden Krauser is outstanding; very versatile actor. The movie plot is rather predictable but his acting alone carries the film to greater heights.   

The music score in the film is decently crafted and the performances look realistic, with Matsuyama helming some of the vocals. There is also a sub-plot where Krauser had to engage in a nationwide battle with indie bands, which is really pretty fun to watch, though adult content and foul language alert.

I was delighted to see Matsuyuki Yasuko as the monstress manager of Death Records, who is especially abusive to Negishi to inculcate hatred in him so he can produce more violent songs lol. Matsuyuki is one of my favourite japanese actresses since I first saw her in a j-dorama when I was little. Her usually classy image is shed away to something utterly unlady-like.. she looks great though!

I haven't had much interest in comedies, but one whiff of the trailer and I knew that it was going to be funny - seldom do trailers make me laugh! The one I caught on tv was a shorter censored version. Gene Simmons from KISS is the bonus feature; obviously KISS was the inspiration behind the character of Krauser. Trailer below (warning: bad language and no subtitles):

Ok last note I think this film is pretty good (dumb but in a good way) and I hope Hollywood leaves it alone (no remakes please!) unless it matches the original.... nah. It won't be easily done as the scenes are rather manga-centric, certain expressions are specifically culturally Japanese. If they do attempt a remake, it will either be very strange by Hollywood's standards, or not true to source material to cater to a different demographic.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I did this artwork in response to seemingly high numbers of deaths this year, and it's only April. The community spaces (where wakes are held as most of us live in high-rise apartments, not houses) have been having funeral wakes consecutively since Dec last year.

First and foremost on my mind is a friend's mom. It was a depressing period for everyone as circumstances were difficult (not going into details here)! Also I love cemetaries for the reason that they are a dying feature in land-scarce Singapore. Many old cemetaries have already been removed for malls, transport lines and apartment blocks; and the remaining few will eventually disappear as well. The current norm here is to be cremated, whereas if you'd like to a burial for personal or religious reasons, you pay a higher 'rent' and the remains will be exhumed after 15 years to make way for newer bodies. Tis a sad thing yes.

Made with markers and pen as always! Available in my etsy shop here: 

Friday, April 3, 2009


Will H. Bradley (1868 - 1962)

This is yet another post for inspirations that I like to refer to. Check out my label 'Eye Candy' or 'Artists' for more features like this.

Will Bradley is famous for his typesetting styles, magazine covers and art nouveau posters. He was also an art nouveau innovator who initiated the poster craze in America.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First, Happy April Fools!

More ACEOs! This time I wanted to draw the cute surreal styles I used to do some time back. Entitled 'Square TV Balloons'. I think square-shaped balloons are a great idea (do they exist?), and better if they could flash colours like iridscence in soap bubbles! 

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