Sunday, December 6, 2009


Here's my last post for 2009 in Singapore! I'll be flying to the States tomorrow and had been busy scrambling with my vintage jewellery business since I am missing the Christmas sale takings. My next post will be from California!

I apologise for the lost of steam in blogging and I haven't done a single artwork. Below you will see some snapshots that occurred during this past Nov & Dec in Singapore.

This huge Christmas tree had lights but can't pick the faint glow with my camera. This is in Vivocity, it's just beside the harbour! I love Christmas light-ups! On the left you can see a cable car tower peeking in the horizon that links the main island to a resort/theme park island Sentosa. They are currently not in use as they are revamping the transport system to Sentosa. I think the management sold off the empty cars for mementos... nice idea though I don't know how one finds space to house a 4-seater cubicle.

2 Dec: 6am I took a shower and saw this bright orange thing from my bathroom window. It's bigger than usual and immediately thought of werewolves. My camera is really bad at taking celestial objects though. Talking about that, the Leonid meteor showers in November were a big disappointment. Not a streak in the sky. All the hype for nothing... the light pollution was frustrating. And the clouds. And the rain before that.

Last but not least I received a large package yesterday from Andria of Shagpile! Yaayy her blog giveaway prize includes a pile of fabrics, buttons and an awesome brooch. Thank you! <3>