Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yup The Breakfast Club on 938Live =)
I will be talking about art cards, ATCs and ACEOs live at 7.10am, 7 March 2011, Singapore time. Tune in if you are interested to know more about these little works of art. Thank you for the invitation 938Live, hope I don't mess up!

I have just added a bunch of ACEO prints as well (finally), giclee archival prints! The colours are nice and vibrant, on 100% cotton rag paper. Do visit my shop if you have missed my early ACEOs from 2007, they are in very limited runs of 25 to 35 pieces each. Here's the direct link to the prints category in my Etsy shop:

Next, these are my latest original ACEOs:

Dryer Day
Sold to Terry, thanks!
This bunny was fun to make.


Maybe It's Dawn
I wanted a psychedelic quiet atmosphere.


Slice and Dice
This is just wierd.


Bubbles said...

Oh thats so exciting, I'm sure all will go well. How did this all come about? You'll have to fill your etsy shop just incase your able to advertise it :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

Thank you Bubbles. I received an email invitation one day and I said ok! And yes I have finally managed to find a printer so there are lots of print stuff coming up =)

Mertör said...

snow, a little bird and a big tree...
I think everything in it's right place.