Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My latest ACEO commission, thanks Jocelyn! This one is based on an early ACEO I made some years back entitled 'Gothic Baubles'. I drew quite a bunch of cemetery scenes back then! Love visiting cemeteries. Recently went to Singapore's largest cemetery (also the only one left that is open for burials and will probably be gone in the future due to land constraints). Here are some photos:

Christian section. There are government plans to exhume the cemetery for redevelopment.

The chrysanthemums I bought from the graveyard stall - christian section. There are 2 tented stalls side by side run by an old gentleman and old lady, they sell cheap bouquets, artificial flowers and windmills for you to place at the graves.

There were many stray dogs in the chinese buddhist/taoist section, I was a little scared that they might attack since they stared for a long time whenever we walked past.

Unmarked graves, only numbers. I'm not sure who or what they were for.

The whole lawn is full of even smaller ones, they could be foetus' graves.

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