Sunday, August 23, 2015


Here is a coloured update of the digital stamp "Not my Dolly" - I had left this post in draft mode for months because I couldn't decide whether to update the original post or create an entirely new post. Anyhow new post it is! I am attempting to colour my linearts whenever there's time.

The digi stamp lineart is available here:

She is printed on an Epson inkjet printer, and these are the Copic & Prismacolor markers used (if I recall right). The only one not either was a deep red from Maxon Comic Twin:

Copics: Milky White, Skin White, Pale Cherry Pink, Blush, Pale Lavender.

Purple areas:

Copics: Pale Lavender, Blue Berry, Deep Reddish Blue.
Prismacolor: Violet Mist

Dress & Shoes:
Prismacolor: Warm Black, Cool Grey 40%, Cool Grey 50%, Cool Grey 60%, French Grey 50%, Process Red, Carmine Red.

Lips & Red Doll Dress:
Prismacolor: Process Red, Carmine Red
Maxon Comic Twin: Carmine

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