Monday, October 12, 2009


I've got nothing going on in my life for blog topics so here's are 2 little gifts I made for friends recently:
This one below is a birthday gift for my best friend of 17 years, a necklace & earrings set handmade with Swarovski crystals. Nothing out of the ordinary design but it'll stay in fashion for the next few decades... quite confident of that!

This second necklace was created some time back and was collecting dust on my desk because I was too lazy to mail it. It's for a pen-pal hopefully she doesn't read this post before she receives it. It's made of shells, pearls and quartz. I hope it survives Italian customs! Nothing better than handmade gifts =) I urge you to create your own birthday cards if you want people to keep your mementos!

I'm currently doing some illustrations for no reason, my next post will be my latest artworks! Also I am always open for commissions for ACEOs and small sized artwork... just ask!


Helennn♥ said...

Aww they are so cute (:

jenny said...

Those are adorable! You did a great job with those :)

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty. They will love them I just know it!

debra@dustjacket said...

Ooo love love the first one.

RA said...

crystalzz , i diggem both and hope they make it to itlaty in tact too lol

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love both!