Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My latest ACEO inspired by bubbles! I usually watch crime shows or mostly CSI while doing my artwork (yes not the most appropriate mood lol) and last night was an episode of 'Born to Kill', featuring the profile of the British serial killer, Harold Shipman. He was convicted of murdering 15 patients (he was a general practitioner), there is no way of knowing how many people he has killed during his career as a doctor. After that it was an episode of 'The Practice' of a trial of a doctor who administered a lethal dose of morphine to grant a mercy killing for the family. hehe can you see the link of the aceo and the shows? Hopefully not, because there isn't a link. Anyhow I love psychedelia and irridescence so that inspired me to do a concept illustration about it.


ThePeachTree said...

I was just reading a blog post about how we find inspiration for our craft. What an incredible one you had for this!

PAC said...

Your newest creation is beautiful!