Thursday, June 12, 2008


For my beading & vintage costume jewellery blog shop! Previously I had cheap self-printed kinds on cardstock because of a last minute bazaar to make do, but finally! I thought customers will be more likely to keep a nicely printed card rather than toss them = less wasteful =)

It's dual use where the back is plain so I can either write a thank-you note, or use it as a necklace card. Matt laminated, stiff card and unlimited colours for offset printing(!!), 300 pieces for only S$30 (abt US$23)! What a deal. I printed it locally and the printer was near my home (I printed my Lemon Shortbread biz cards there too and was very satisfied tho they are a very new company - at that time their studio seemed halfway renovated).

I wish my designing skills could be better & cuter, looking at the Etsy Packaging pool on Flickr, those packagings really make me drool! I would love to know what you guys think, and if there are any spots I can improve on? There is a cropping problem on the back tho (my image was placed too low digitally and overcropped =P)


Tizzalicious said...

Wow, I love your cards!

Stela said...

your cards looks so good!!

debby said...

thanks so much about the great lead to the etsy packaging group on flickr. will definitely join. your cards are the cutest & very clever!

Bubbles said...

I love these cards and they don't look like your average business card size but poker card size which makes them quite unique. Its great how you've got space to write if you wanted to :)