Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Finally someone managed to post Yuzu's music vids on youtube! It's only a week old I hope it will remain for longer time.. Previous attempts to post their videos never lasted more than 3 months, I mean c'mon Senha!!! Give us a break we can't afford your pricey japanese msic video imports (well i do own 2 sets of the same tho, the VHS and then upgraded to the DVDs costs me 160bux for the vhs and 80 for the DVD, but then I am afterall one of their biggest fan lol) I haven't bought their stuff for 2 years though... shame on me! I thought they were getting too pop but then I saw their new song and it was back to good ol japanese folk songs!!

Anyhow I just HAVE to share my fave song!!
'Itsuka' by Yuzu (1999)

The new folk song I was talking about, I'm just ecstatic when I saw this video! It's 5.30am now ^_^ My other NEW fave song!
明日天気になぁれ (Ashita Tenki ni Naare)


RA! said...

i duno what they sed n stuff but it was purdy song lol =D

Sofia said...

hi, it is the first time I hear an Asian folk-ish song. I quite like 'em . Do you think it is possible to find their records/cds? Are they Japanese or from Singapore?
xxx Sofia