Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, the night bazaar (pasar malam)'s back just below my apartment  in a relatively short span of time. What else to look forward to but... food! 

Featured here is a quarter-eaten Okonomi-yaki, also known as Japanese pizza though it tastes nor looks like one. Sorry I can't help myself before taking a photo! It is one of my food addictions with senbei rice crackers and takoyaki balls.

This being a local bazaar, it is not as authentic, more like a poor-man's version but it'll do. I love to let it sit for a while and see the bonito flakes dance. They wriggle from moisture and heat (I think) and are quite fun to watch. It's a mixture of chopped cabbage and a batter with 2 neatly placed prawns, an egg cracked on top of the cabbage mixture and pan-fried neatly. Drizzle with japanese mayonaise and okonomiyaki sauce on top with the bonito flakes... yum!

Here are some Etsy finds based on japanese food:




(haha I love Calbee)



Bubbles said...

It looks interesting and I can't imagine at all what it taste like. Those Etsy finds are so interesting :)

Lookability said...

Great topic!
Thanks for including my pincushion.

Rosebud Collection said...

Oh, does that look good..Our youngest daughter would bring many Japanese friends home with her, from college..
so did our number 4 daughter..Well, she learned many dishes..One was made with cabbage..Can I tell you, I couldn't stop eating was wonderful..we topped it off with a sauce too..Always fun trying something new..
Great blog, but now I am hungry..

Conscientia's Cameos said...

my goodness, that cigar box is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

The cigar box is my favourite!

RA said...

i want the takoyaki mayo things and the squid on a stick =D

Patrizia said...

That pincushion is adorable!!!!!!!!!!
What a yummy topic!