Thursday, December 11, 2008


This is one of my favourite haunts - the Salvation Army thrift store on Upper Serangoon Road. It's close to my home (used to be even closer) and it is located in an empty hospital (how cool is that!) It's really easy to find it too if you'd like to visit; it's opposite the Biddadari Cemetary, or the large plot of grassland that used to be  the cemetary until they dug out the graves for the train line. In the past there were plenty of easy good bargains as people didn't know the hospital became a thriftstore. Nowadays there's a steady stream of visitors.

This is the 2nd floor where all the fun stuff are. 1st floor contains the large furniture. In the individual ward rooms you can find many wierd things by sections. Oh yes and notice the fans, there's no air-con so be prepared for a little sweat-out. Just a side note that I'm not surprised why that disco dress is donated lol.

Manga & chinese comic books section, it's a nice bargain if you don't mind the edition differences/ yellowed pages. I once bought an early publication by Yumiko Igarashi (author of Candy Candy) here. 

Wall decorations, I fancied that mock Qing Dynasty wood plaques. The Last Supper one on the left was.. interesting.

These little wooden figurines are awesomely gloomy. They're in a set of 4 or 5 I think, but saving my cash. S$18 each excluding the 30% off for Christmas.

Aaah! Kinda creepy. They are maidens washing their hair.

The most common kinds of horse figurines available on earth I think. Chinese porcelain horses.

Bronze and brassware.

Lots of donated clothes; you can find some vintage pieces here, alot are gaudy and reek of mold. Some make you itch some make you sneeze some are new or overstocks and occasionally you find a gem! Just launder it well.


Anonymous said...

omg! I never know, we have Salvation Army thrift store in Singapore.
too bad, I live in America,Wisconsin now!
but, I'll be there next time I go home!!!

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to tell you..That shop looks like fun. I enjoy thrift just never know what you will find and that is what is so much fun..

the author said...

You may want to check out some more thrifting fun.

Anonymous said...

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