Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yoshi got ran over by a car or something just now. This is horrible, because it was totally unexpected. Yoshi is my bf's cat and not yet a year old. My boyfriend had just fed and played with him an hour before he was found dead on the road at about midnight. Just horrible. I hope that whoever ran him down will feel guilty for the rest of his/her life. It was a damm quiet neighbourhood street, not a freeway. Please drive carefully if you KNOW that there are lots of (household) cats are loitering about the street.  

Screenshot of a recent video.

Yoshi with his brother Pluto. As you can see they are good buddies and often groom and lick each other at night before bedtime. Pluto will have to sleep alone from now on. Yoshi also plays fetch with his bell toy; he carries it in his mouth and brings it back for you to toss it at him. You can see more of him under my 'Cats' label.

I can't believe that my blog has 2 pet deaths a few posts from each other. Also on a side note, Squeek (female cat) got abused by some sickos while on her outdoor trip, she returned with bleeding bashed eye and nose. It really sickens me how humans can be so nasty towards animals.


magicbeanbuyer said...

That's so sad! My sister's cat got ran over and killed last year. The cat's brother would sit at the edge of the street every day for a week or so, according to my mom he was in mourning.
I feel for ya!

Lemon Shortbread said...

thanks Jamie! it didn't help that my bf was closest to Yoshi most and he was supposed to be indoors getting ready for his nap.

oblinaknit said...

I am so sorry for your loss - it amazes me that people are always in such a rush - I feel terrible for such an inhumane thing to happen to you little Yoshi.

Myself, Ken and Dilly (my two cats) wish you well!

I believe in karma - that driver will be getting a visit soon...