Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok this is like the cutest lip balm packaging, but the lip balm itself was sorely disappointing. I bought a bunch of different flavoured ones from the US as souvenirs to friends and sorry if you're reading this I hope your balms applies smoother than mine lol.

It feels like candle wax on my lips - dry and paraffin-ish. The scent is Dr Pepper alright but more of a lingering taste on an empty cup that used to contain Dr Pepper... and it's got too much sweetener. Oh and the ingredients - nothing much  natural! I think I'm used to the handmade yummy balms from Etsy... so get this only if you're a sucker of nice packaging (like me) haha!


pandacub said...

I got sucked in by the cute packaging before too and bought Dr. Pepper lip balm as well. But, like you, I was also disappointed. I also discovered that I'm allergic to whatever ingredient they use to make the lip balm taste like "cola". It burned! :(

Sharon steller said...

so I think anyone who thinks or feels that they have a lips condition which relates to chapped,
they should try bee wax or and see if it works for them, and I’m sure it will work for them..

Anonymous said...

well i will still like to try it i love dr.pepper.

Anonymous said...

well i tryed it and i love it .it even smells like dr.pepper .the one i got is not in a can its in a tube from lip smackers. and its the cap sick one .