Monday, August 17, 2009


So I managed to drag myself to the Singapore Games, Toys & Comics Convention 2009 held at Suntec City. I was hoping to see/ meet some local artists and artworks but the convention contained mostly commercial toys and games. The artists' booths were small right at the last row so they're easy to miss compared to big companies like Nintendo & Star Wars but it was nice to see them nonetheless.

It was quite a lovely experience being surrounded by designer toys though I had to refrain from being too *otaku* (this means somewhere along the lines 'fanboy- fangirl obsessed geek') and getting excited that my hands weren't steady enough for proper shots! It was also interesting to note some senior folks enjoying themselves; an old man was delighted at the giant Gundam mecha sculpture below and I helped him with a photo. Also a few energetic senior folks playing the wii were having fun. Very child-like =) Hopefully next year's convention will invite a wider range of toy makers & manga. More indie, handmade, more artists and more art books definitely needed.

Also it was very crowded... it doesn't look like it in the photos but I kept getting knocked about when taking photos. People kept cutting in front of my shots because it was just lots of human and semi-human (aliens and startroopers) traffic.

I believe this is from Gundam (at first I thought it was Macross)

Bandai brought in a massive lot of gachapon machines. I only managed to spin one Tofu Oyako toy because I was rushed into leaving, am seriously regretting it now.

My beloved Tetsuwan Atomu / Astroboy figurines.

Gloomy bear

Beautiful gothic Blythe doll. She has a black doggie even.

Row of Blythe dolls. The display was impressive, the pink Blythe is gorgeous!

Gachapon toys. I got the Poison Tofu magnet.

Domo-kun reminds me of an angry cookie/ abominable snowman. I think he's really cute.

Graffiti wall. See there's Tofu again.

Gary Baseman was here too.

One group out of the several cosplayers present. They add much colour to the convention.



Holly said...

That looks like SO much fun! I could get lost in a place like that. I love the poison tofu and blythe dolls!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I want everything : ) LOL.

debra@dustjacket said...

Oh great effort getting the shots you poor thing.

I love the blythe dolls, they look so sweet.

Patrizia said...


Devil Robots <3

apparentlyjessy said...

Conventions like that are awesome fun! I wouldn't have been able to leave without becoming an owner of one of those gorgeous Blythe dolls, the pink haired one is stunning!

Lola said...

The Blythe dolls are so stunning! And what gorgeous photos! Congrats!

Hope you're having a great week,


Beth Howard said...

That looks like sooooo much fun!!

Simply Colette said...

Cool stuff! So many things to choose. :)

Lola said...

Me again! Thanks so much for the lovely comment - yes, agree totally with you that Comme des Garcons designs must be very complex to be so stunning!

Hope you're having a great week - and hope you can join us & fellow blogpals this Thursday when we're all going out for the day to Marbella!!

PS Love James Herriott books too!

Rosebud Collection said...

Now that looks like fun. Our grandchildren would have enjoyed being there.. As a matter of fact, I would have enjoyed it too.What great things.