Tuesday, November 3, 2009


One for autumn, made with markers and pen, the background is added in Photoshop! We don't have autumn or winter in Singapore so I guess this works for the monsoon season. Just change the jacket into a raincoat or something! The lightning storms here are scary - mainly I'm afraid of getting struck since we have one of the highest lightning activity on the planet. Just 2 days ago there was this storm and my apartment's living room got flooded because the rain pipes couldn't handle the sheer amount of water gushing through 15 storeys of pipes lol. And the lightning hit so close and so loud (a couple of times nearby) the table rattled and I was flash-blinded by the reflection on the window! Just scary. I hope no one got hit.

1. Don't stand in open fields or swim in open sea
2. Don't take shelter under tall trees, that's just a magnet for lightning
3. Don't carry metallic objects, wear metal-stubbed shoes or use electronics or umbrellas
4. Don't use the shower
5. Seek shelter immediately if you're out in the open
6. Stay in a car or building
7. If there are no shelters nearby, crouch in a lowland area (like a ditch or something) or under low shrubs
8. Pray



What beautiful artwork as always..... and please be careful out there! Sounds scary.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! The girl looks delicate and just shines to me :-)

I agree that lightnings these days just get louder and scarier! Don't quite get the shower part though ?

Be safe!

Sarah Knight said...

looks lovely : )

storms are always kind of annoying and yet cool (unless, of course, your stuff gets damaged).

apparentlyjessy said...

This is a gorgeous illustration, you should do a whole series of these with different girls! Love the colours you used!