Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Oh wow it's been that long lol I meant to blog since last year and now I'm back deciding to post a simple little recipe and found 800 comments to be moderated (!) and in the first place I forgot moderation mode is turned on lol so now sifting through 95% of nonsense spam.

Anyhow since my last post complaining about not being able to see the Leonids meteor shower in Singapore, I finally managed to catch my first meteor shower - the Geminids - at end-2009. It was awesome!! A year late to blog about being excited, and whine that my toes became too painful to bear (ala almost frostbite mode).. SO, anyways we went up dark Mount Baldy in California at about 1-4am, drove right to where the car couldn't drive up anymore. Awesome. I wish I had a camera to capture the celestial event.

Here's a recipe I found online with a bit of my own tweaks.

Potato Salad - Japanese style

4 medium potatoes (I used brastagi)
½ cucumber (thinly sliced)
½ medium onion (diced, then soaked in water)
½ carrot (diced)
½ red capsicum (bell peppers) - optional
2 boiled eggs - optional
2 pcs picnic ham
2 tsp butter (or according to taste)
a sprinkle of black grounded pepper
½ tsp salt
lemon juice from ½ lemon
3-4 tbsp Kewpie mayonnaise (or according to taste)

After boiling & peeling the potatoes, add lemon juice, salt, and butter into the still hot potatoes and mash it. This style is all smashed with crunchy vege rather than the chunky wet style so you can scoop it with an ice-cream scoop. Let to cool a bit, drain the onions, add onions and the chopped vege & ham into the mix. Pepper it, then add the mayo, mix well. Keep in fridge to let it sit and serve after maybe 2 hours. In my photo I used a lettuce leaf as a base, with more yummy mayo as decoration since I added less than 3 tbsp of mayo in my mix. You can substitute butter for olive oil, and lemon juice for white vinegar. But the mayo has to be Kewpie if you want it to taste japanese. Or Ajinomoto if you can't find Kewpie. If you try this and it's nice please let me know. I find it alright but my mom didn't lol.

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