Sunday, December 12, 2010


Geminids meteor shower: 13 dec night - 14 dec morning

Don't forget to catch this yearly night spectacular if you can... Singapore not included because of our light pollution :(
I caught it in 2009 upon a mountain-top in California and it was fantastic because I was contented to see just one in my life but saw 30-40 that night.

The artwork above was made about 7 months ago in Photoshop, entitled 'Salty'. Was learning to use textured brushes digitally and getting a dreamy effect. I hope you like it! It was inspired by the Geminids and a beach in an old chinese tv show.


ra said...

veraaawr, boo your not on this side again , so we can see round 2 on monday.

lol but here goes this gif again

madpiano said...

cloud cover all night in London, so I missed it. Shame, it sounded exciting.