Saturday, April 26, 2014


We did a quick dropby around the San Bernardino National Forest towards Crestline in California, for something to look at other than boring buildings. Yes, there are bits of beauty in San Bernardino, you just need to look. I have another post about the route to Big Bear Lake here. Check out the panorama photo I did! Four photos combined into one =) To full view you can right-click and open in new window to view it. I am returning to Singapore next week!

Edit Mar 2015: Since this post is popular, I added more photos from the trip.

Zoomed in shot, check out the smog in the cityline. Still pretty!
Here's something ugly: Stopped by an area where the brook is easily accessible from a bridge.
Same area, do not step in the stream. I repeat, DO NOT STEP IN THE WATER. There are leeches in there, learnt that the hard way many years ago. Maybe I'll tell of that incident someday when I nearly got crushed by a boulder at the same time lol. It is easy to explore in here but don't trust there wouldn't be any troublemakers loitering.
 Wild sunflowers.
 Driving on.
 Higher, higher! I don't drive.
Lake Gregory at Crestline, it is an artificial lake.
On the way back, when the sun was going down.
California sunsets are quite stunning.
Back to civilisation.

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