Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Gloomy x To-Fu Mix figurine by Play Imaginative. Well I saw this in the store (T-O-G) and had to have it although it is an older stock from 2011. It embodies two characters that I like - Tofu Oyako and Gloomy the Naughty Grizzly Bear. Also matches the other pinks on my table! I paid S$7.00 for it. May get the strawberry one too but this will do for now as I have no more space on my desk! I found an old blog post about my small collection of Tofu Oyako items here and this looks similar to the ones at a 2009 Comic Con.

I had to rip the package open because it was the glued-on plastic shell on cardboard type.
It is about 5 inches height. The cubed head revolves. It doesn't weigh heavy but tends to keel over because of its oversized head. Also it is standing on one foot with the other lifted off slightly, so it loses its balance easily. I am propping it against a shelf since the wind from the ceiling fan keeps blowing it over! The body is made of matte plastic with printed details. The foot that is lifted seems to be ill-fitted - I wonder if that was the reason for it being wobbly, or if it was made on purpose.

The back of the figure. He has a bloody nose and an additional smaller tofu on top. The top one is fixed on the larger cube and does not revolve. The head appears to be hollow. The arms are fixed. Yes it has a butt crack!

I am putting Tofu's face towards the front as I like its expression and the little tofu waving on top! I prefer Gloomy without the muzzle so it will stay hidden for now.

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