Monday, October 5, 2015


Here are the latest digis that I've just released, have been quite swamped lately and couldn't come up with more illustrations for upcoming winter but will try! And this year I didn't do any autumn pics fast enough, only Halloween lol.

This is 'Cloud Traveller', based on Chinese mythology, you can call her a fairy of sorts, with a bit of my touch. Been meaning to colour her but no time yet!

My digis are now available in JPG and PNG if you purchase them from my Etsy shop.
Cloud Traveller is available here:

Next is something more general, in case you'd like a versatile image for happy occasions!

'Party Celebration' is available here:

Last, meet 'Winter Sulk'! We all have those days. There isn't any winter in Singapore but I hope this illustration captures the mood well.

She is available here:

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