Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I am finally back with a set of new designs! Have been super busy the past 2 months, check out these flappers digi stamps, totally love art deco everything especially BAKELITE!

Flapper Twirl, inspired by Louise Brooks:

Jazz Flapper, inspired by Clara Bow: 

Sassy Flapper

The complete Set of 3:

Well here is what I've been up to! First I had to entertain my boyfriend who came over to visit, besides going out all the damn time! and enticing me to play Broforce (great game) & Battlefield Star Wars & Tropico (this one is addicting) & NES haha!

I have set up another Etsy shop selling my vintage jewellery, so that is taking a bulk of my time as I have tens of thousands of images to go through, retaking and improving them, SEO tackling, on top of maintaining an official shop and a (crazy frustrating + sometimes cool) local marketplace site. Of course online sales includes updating the social media following it.

Artwork-wise I've added Youtube to my overflowing plate. They are just coloring and drawing videos but a 15-min video takes a few days for me to complete: preparations beforehand, one day to shoot, one day to edit, one day to export & post. But it's kinda fun I think!

I am aiming to create new designs more quickly, the time-consuming workload is cleaning up the illustrations digitally. I MAY release less-cleaned-up digis soon, just to shave off 2-4 days worth of extra work per image. Which makes more sense since the amount of time spent on them is just not worth it. This way I will be open to create more detailed images on paper! Besides, I've got carpal tunnel and can't hold the wacom pen for long for some years now as they cramp up.

Regarding challenge blogs, I've stopped auto-promoting blogs that I am sponsoring - my apologies, I am using that time to distribute images to DTs and prizes to winners! Please feel free to post your events & makes on my FB Group and Page, so that way crafty folks will know to join your challenge!

That's it, thanks for reading folks!

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