Sunday, June 1, 2008


So I just came back from the night bazaar or 'Pasar Malam' here. The good stuff there is always the food! 

Below are some tea eggs or 'Cha ye dan' θŒΆθ‘‰θ›‹ ... very delicious, they are boiled eggs in some herbal 5-spice brew and tea. And soy sauce. The whole soup is black and the street vendors sell the eggs straight from the huge pot. The eggs I got from the night bazaar cost 50cents (US$0.35) each. They get boiled so long the fragrance creeps into the egg and makes them savoury tasty with a tinge of bitter chinese herbs.

I like to eat mine with a drop of soy sauce (I know it's already salty but still...) and pepper sprinkled on it. Can't eat too many yolks though (high cholestrol) lol

I also bought a coconut to drink. Yea it looks a little strange because it's dehusked and sitting in a bowl lol. The seller amazingly cracked the husk without ruining the coconut flesh so the juice don't seep out while I'm bringing them home in baggies. Quite ingenious.

This strange mash of unknowns are called 'Muah Chee'. They are so nice and chewy! Like chewing gum but edible. I think made of glutinous rice flour and oil, with a very faint sweetness to it. I'm not sure how they prepare it now but in the past they used to pound it over and over till it becomes an elastic lump. Anyhow the seller will cut out a lump into bite-sized pieces and toss them about in a peanut and sugar mixture. I dislike peanuts but this one is one of the rare peanut dish I ever take!


Bubbles said...

I love seeing food of different countries as its amazing how we use the same products but cook them in a completely different way.

My parents are from Pakistan (I was born in England) but we still eat traditional Pakistani food with spices... occasionally I cook some English meals but very rarely.

It sounds like you had a good day all round :)

PAC said...

oh wow, everything looks delish! I'm always up for trying new food!

Patrizia said...

Great post! I have eating those eggs before, they are very filling! :)