Friday, June 6, 2008


To wear at my friend's wedding. One bridesmaid (or as we call it 'sisters') dress and an evening dress for her wedding banquet. I would rather just BUY the dresses, but nothing really fits me since I have an awkward body shape lol or fits my budget too. Dug out my old school notes for drafting. The basic bodice totally looks wierd from what the 'model' typical size looks like (small bust, not so small waist lol) Anyhow I also wanted to save paper so I used tissue paper (bad mistake), it keeps ripping and flying all around and crumpling. The weather is so hot and I need the fan, just makes things worse hahahaa. See you can even see my table texture (marbleing) under the paper! I pray everything goes well. Hopefully if it does I'll do a short overview!

I've sewn so many clothes but never for myself. I prefer wearing knits and t-shirts. This is my draft for a basic block that took ages, I'll keep it for future use.

A rough sewn sample of my basic block. Of course, some alterations to be made after trying it on.

I went to the bestest place to get fabrics in Singapore- Arab Street. Much cheaper than Spotlight stores, prettier varieties and sellers less ill-mannered than Chinatown. My fabrics - white Indian silk (bridesmaid dresses are agreed to be white) and a terracotta red 2-toned Thai silk (for the wedding dinner). I'm a fabric snob, don't really use polyester unless it's poly-cotton blend (besides these silks are CHEAPER than the polyesters in Spotlight... go figure) Also some acetate lining, invisible zips and interfacings. Till the next post! Am absolutely tired lol


Bubbles said...

I can't wait to see how it all turns out, it sounds really interesting. My mum sews all my clothes for me but I'd love to learn to make it myself especially since I have so many wonderful fabrics. I hope it turns out well for you and you enjoy the experience rather then feeling its a pain to create it :)

Sew Bettie said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!