Thursday, August 28, 2008


Here are my latest collection of button pins / badges! They are only 1" so I thought to sell them in a pack for more impact. I still have another set of 5 designs which will turn up in 2-3 weeks time, can't wait! 

Available in my Etsy shop here: Pins & Brooches

The candy set is inspired from a long time ago when my classmate had this Cutest (yes with a capital 'C'!) pencil case in dark blue back in the 1980s. I really liked it as a child and would constantly steal a peek at it. The cover was a scenery of a park with a fountain, Japanese-made no less; so now I want the same flavour to these pins.

This next set is a batch of original characters which I created in 2006, and is part of a larger artwork collab called 'Fortune Cookie Prize' with a host of many more creatures. There's a print of it on my wall even! I took the 5 cutest-hideous and re-coloured it. They are rather hilarious, my fave is the Bleeding head dog! Let me know which one you like best or you find the most hideous =)


Bubbles said...

These are a nice addition to your collection. I think any child or grown up would love those :)

PAC said...

soo cute!

Joey's Dream Garden said...

fantastic badges! I like the monster pets ones best, especially the blood-drippy puppy and cloud, their teeth remind me of chain-chomps in Super Mario 64! Yes I love videogame design before it all went too 'realistic'!
Super-cute badges! :D
J x