Monday, August 4, 2008


I have alot of things to do on my checklist but it never seems to materialise because of too many ideas done at once and dropping a project before I'm even done! Check out the super brilliant Procrastination stop-motion animation by Johnny Kelly. Love it, reminds me of those Sesame Street animations I talked about a few posts back. I think me need to tidy my table though, that isn't procrastination instead I procrastinate cleaning it lol

Meet Gus the Bear who likes to procrastinate his essay.

- Finish my paper dolls book
- Finish my zines
- Finish my fashion illustration spread
- Set up categories for my jewellery shop
- Make more jewellery with the tons of supplies I have
- Finish my set of greeting cards & stationery
- Update
- Get working on bookmarked accounts for exposure
- Learn painting
- Finish my paintings
- Tidy my table
- Buy more storage boxes
- Finish my new set of stickers and pins
- Stop getting distracted on the internet


Sandra Evertson said...

I hear ya, I have one a mile long too!

Tizzalicious said...

iiie, good luck! I have a crazy to do list too. Depressing!

PAC said...

I have a seriously loooong list too. Good luck with yours!!