Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Niklaus Stoecklin (1896-1982), Swiss

I'm going to start regularly featuring eye candy on my blog for you and me to be inspired. Niklaus Stoecklin is famous for his poster design. I Iove his commercial posters, they still look remarkably modern and popish.

Weber Menziken Cigars

Bi-Oro, 1941

Bell (turkey), 1955


Rosebud Collection said...

They are all great..but the Bell turkey is really neat..

Bobbi said...

I agree! I love the turkey!

Anonymous said...

Love them! My favourite is the toothpaste one!

RA said...

sweet never seen the cigar one, looks awesomes.

Anonymous said...

I have the best version hanging on my wall called "Kein Frauenstimmrecht" which means "no women voting rights" from 1920

You can see this under