Thursday, November 25, 2010


Ooh ok I'm excited about this, I have a new range of rubber stamps at Crafts & Me online shop:

Look for them under the new products page. The 'Melody's World' series are inspired by Sixties fashion, so far there are five designs ready for pre-order. Above is an example of how you can customise the stamp for greeting cards, this regal Christmas card is created by Vix; splendid job there, and a classy interpretation! The stamp used is 'Flapper Girl Melody', she is the only flapper style in the series, and versatile enough to be used for various occasions. She originally belonged to one of my ACEO illustrations created under a fashion era series. You can read more on Vix's crafting process at the Crafts and Me blog here.

Second is this beautiful creation by Amy using the 'Gift Melody' stamp, the greeting card also doubles as a gift-card holder which is a really clever idea! Melody is elegantly dressed for her 60s cocktail Christmas party. Read about how Amy created the card here!

Receive a 10% discount on the first week 23-30th Nov pre-order just by signing up for their newsletter on the website!


RA said...

Good Joob honeys, they're purdy!

Bubbles said...

They are really cute indeed, I can't draw people so this would be great for me :)

Bubbles said...

I forgot to congratulate you on this range :D.