Sunday, December 15, 2013


The paper dolls which I've been working on since Oct 2012 are finally done!! More than one year in the making but I was occupied with other things like launching of a revamped website (vintage jewellery one) so procrastination took over. What matters is, better late than never. My hand cramps when using the mouse or wacom for long periods of time so am not too into digital colouring. On the other 'hand', I've been practicing a quicker way to digital colour my art, so maybe more graphics to come? Then I can also blog regularly hahaha....

Paper dolls are something I have tried creating since I was... 10? A few of the pouffy dresses are direct inspirations of old paper dolls with design modifications so as to keep close to the retro shoujo style, some of the designs are inspired by the 1950s-60s. Hope you like them!

There are 15 outfits for 2 paper dolls, some of the dresses can be used for both dolls. The hair accessories goes into the slits on the hair. It took me about 3 hours to cut them all out - so patience is required, but it is worth it!

The digital files can be downloaded from my Etsy shop:

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