Thursday, January 9, 2014


Here is my first art for 2014. It is a Sailor Moon fanart as promised, acrylic paint on canvas, lines are done on acrylic ink, 25 x 35 cm.

Pencil sketch very early on. This is just a snapshot I took for instagram by the way. After that I inked it onto tracing paper and transfer the image onto canvas with carbon paper. So 3-4 times drawing the same image.

Base paint.

Added rough shadows and got the outlines more concealed.

More shadings and layers of paint. I realised my light source was coming in the opposite direction on different parts so I redid some parts.

Added finishing details. I was wondering if how to do the outlines so popped by the art store and bought acrylic ink in brown.

The outlines came out bold since it was very dark.  I thought it would take half an hour to do the outlines but damm it took me 6 hours (from 11pm-5am)! I kept messing up. The weave of the canvas threw the lines off at times.... so wash the ink & retry, wash & retry, wash & retry!!!

Stars and hair. That day it was taking the acrylic 2 hours to dry since it rained the whole day. Acrylic usually dries in 10 minutes. It took me many hours to complete something as simple as hair and stars lol.

I am currently painting another Sailor Moon! If you want a commission just e-mail me at chibilemon (at) or convo me at Etsy if you have an account. The painting can be purchased in my Etsy shop, not sure how much to price fanart so it is going lower than my original art:

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