Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Any plans for 2014? How did you spend New Year's eve? Mine was pretty uneventful, and almost forgot it was 31st since I was trying to finish that lady above.

First I updated my vintage jewellery site with a new extension and post, and looking for new plugins... yeah BORING!

Then I decided 2014 is the year of fanart art-wise! Yes I am planning to come up with fanart, SAILORMOON fanart! Can you believe Sailormoon is 20 years old already? Feeling the age now, it didn't seem that long ago. I've been seeing all the posts about the special collector's releases for her 20th anniversary all through 2013. *temptation* Maybe I'll make a post about that later. Anyhow, it is about time I made a proper fanart of her. Perhaps on canvas for sale for Sailormoon fans out there, and it won't be expensive, probably $80-$120 range.

So I started to sand down a bunch of primed (gessoed) canvas that was left sitting in the dust, really it was so full of grey sootballs they had to be washed under running water. They were primed way back when my dad was still alive even! They are nice and smooth now.

Then I played Final Fantasy IV on the SNES emulator till the wee hours of the morning.

Back to the artwork, I finished colouring 'Daisy Ribbon Lucille' on New Year's Eve morning (about 3am), here's a short video on how the layers are piled on in Photoshop:

If you'd like her for your crafts, the lineart is available as a digital download in my Etsy shop: