Friday, May 9, 2014


We took photos of two vintage dolls on the day I was due to leave California, they were purchased from a thrift store. Who knows, maybe this is the start of my big eye doll collection! They are currently not for sale. I didn't bring them back with me to Singapore since my luggage was full.

The Made in Korea doll is probably Bradley (or Bradley style). Her right fingers are a little wonky in direction but she is so sweet anyhow. I have a similar doll at home since the 1980s which is fixed on a musical stand, and is also a money bank (no legs). Unfortunately she is in shambles and I will have to clean and repair her.

This beautiful doll is Jennifer from the 1970s. I spotted her (even with my bad eyesight) over at the shelf behind the counter the second I stepped into the store! Yup one of those times.

Unfortunately she has lost her belt. I am itching to make her some mod-style clothes as she has such a pretty smile. And definitely a hairclip... she needs one. Jennifer is from Uneeda and shares the same mold as Takara's Miss Long Hair.

Talking about hair, I did not buy her immediately but went back the next day after thinking long and hard that I really wanted the doll. Reason being, her hair was all tangled up and dusty and I'm picky about dolls with bad hair. Anyhow after getting her, I washed her hair & clothes, and attempted to detangle. I used some windex and rinsed the hair in water. Paper towel dry, then used some detangler (Victoria Secret's one... has a fragrance unfortunately) and a little baking soda to wash off the scent. Then I spent about an hour or two using a toothpick and my fingers to detangle and restyle, all air dried. When we took the photos, it was really windy and her hair got blown out of shape but the result's not too shabby I guess.

Here is an ad of Jennifer with different hair: 


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Aik said...

Usually it'd be fun to play with dolls as a little girl, but I creeped out after watching Chucky and never touch a doll again. What a shame!