Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hi guys, wishing you a belated Happy Midautumn/Mooncake/Lantern Festival! Yesterday my mom and I decided to visit  the Midautumn lights display at Gardens by the Bay, while the full moon was still up. This is the 2nd time I've been to this location for the event, having came last year (didn't blog about it though). I visited one back in 2011 at the Chinese Gardens. Read about it here.

It was crowded, we left the grounds at about 10.30pm. The displays were very nice, and there were ample food stalls. I had the most delicious pudding-flavoured (jello embedded) Taiwanese ice-cream! Oh and if you're wondering how I celebrate the festival, it's just another day of work lol. I don't eat the mooncakes either.

Floating display of a palace

The floating display with the Supertree Groves in the background, moon, and the lighted walkway.

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea folktale

Admiral Zheng He (1371-1433) and his Treasure Fleet

Row of traditional wedding ceremony characters

Carrying the bridal sedan

Dragon Dance

Lion Dance

These horses were pretty impressive! They were sponsored by the Taipei authorities.

This is an idea... beaded pineapples!

Taj Mahal

Spanish dancers

Sumo wrestler


London icons


You should check out the udders on this display lol

Brightly coloured peacock

This display belongs to the 12 zodiac section. Monkey zodiac.

Tiger zodiac

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