Saturday, October 4, 2014


Three cute digital stamps with the common theme of presents! They are designed in a way to be useful for any gifting occasion besides birthdays. With a tweak of colours you can craft them for upcoming Christmas too. These digi stamps are available as instant downloads from my Etsy shop.

"Kitty Gift Wishes"
Funny fat kitty to add a smile to your face.

"Shopping Mod Girl"
I had autumn-winter in mind when drawing her, she is supposed to be wearing stockings if you would colour that in. But of course this illustration can be made spring-summer minus her stockings.

"Winter Gift"
This is versatile for winter birthdays, or Christmas gifts. Decorate the background appropriately for the occasion you want! I originally had snow falling down but thought it would be better for crafters to add whatever they want... Eg. leaves for end-autumn, snow covered trees for winter, buildings for shopping season, Christmas lights for Christmas.

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