Friday, October 17, 2014


New freebie digi stamp for Halloween or if you like the creepy crawlies... 'Smiling Spider'!

Freebie digi stamp! Download the high res Halloween Smiling Spider here:

Spidey is 5.3" height in 300dpi jpg. Oh and I am afraid of spiders lol.

- For personal use only, commercial use is not allowed.
- Please keep the signature on the image.
- A link-back or credit is much appreciated if you are posting your crafts online.
- If you want to share or blog about this, please do not place the full-sized image for download on your site or on Pinterest, instead link to this page.
-  Please do not share the image off-site, but direct your friends, followers or team to download from here.
- Please grab yours while the freebie is available. Once it is gone, please do not share it, it's yours to keep and yours only! I will put an expired notice on each freebie that has ended its run.

If you see a notice that there are too many users downloading the image today, keep trying! Google has a daily limit set that I have no control over.

I'd love to see your creations, please leave a shout-out in the comments section, or tag me in Facebook, and your work may be featured here or I will create a Pinterest board featuring everyone's work. You can use the badges listed on the 'Stamp Badges' tab on top if would like to share/credit my image, thanks and have fun!

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