Wednesday, May 6, 2015


This pretty lass digi stamp is titled "Ribbons in Her Hair", I made the original draft a few years ago and she was meant to be an acrylic painting. Imagine this... a nouveau-style octopus girl! Can't remember why I abandoned it, I think I didn't feel like painting during that time, moved on to a lighter new sketchbook and forgot all about it. Recently the old sketchbook was rediscovered all dusty and yellowed from my climate, flipped through it and decided she could be a digital stamp illustration instead. Of course her octopus tentacles were erased and she got a nice flowy skirt.

She is 7 inches height, 300 dpi jpg format, available in my Etsy shop as an instant download:

I am currently working on a set of paintings for a friend, and tweaking my vintage shop which SEO I had neglected; so that is taking up a bulk of my time to fix, also I have an upcoming fair to prepare, so new releases of digis will be slightly slower for this period, please keep a lookout for a new freebie which will be out in a few weeks.

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