Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In my last post I was talking about yellow-blue colour combinations and here's an antique tea cup found in an antique mall in California! Love everything about it - the matte porcelain on the outside, gloss on the inside, the hand-painted trimmings, the GOLD and the art deco lines. In case you thought this was an impulse buy, I mulled over it for days even dreamt about it and bought it on my third visit to the shop. Thank you to the vendor who offered this for sale at a bargain (and all your other stuff). I love art deco.

Next is this vintage Incolay jewelry box for my mother. It's heavy, beautifully carved and grand-looking. Grecian-style lady with a cherubim on her shoulders. Price-wise is a no brainer, I didn't hesitate at all.

Last is this glass jewellery box, it has a handmade artisan feel, because it isn't plated or super fancy. Nice and plain the way I like it. It's now used to house a portion of my vintage jewellery collection; the main reason why I bought it is because glass and stone are the only things that last in this humidity. And since my collection are all chunky, the simple open interior is perfect.


Unknown said...

Beautiful classic tea cup. Love the color combination and matte outside and glossy inside is unique :-)

Bubbles said...

such lovely finds, I think the vintage cups are so much nicer then the more modern plain cups. Your mum will love her gift and I really want that box :)

RA said...

they're haunteddddd.