Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Here are some Singapore street kitty snapshots I found while sorting out my albums, I don't go out much so there aren't a lot yet, but I might update with another Cats of Singapore post when I gather enough photos. Some of them are taken with my point-and-shoot, some with my phone, some by my bf with his dslr.

Most of these cats are friendly, I ignore the ones who are skittish of humans because I don't want to freak them out! Some of them have regular feeders who love them enough to commit to this work, but the cats live outdoors because most of us live in (government) flats with cat-restricting regulations and partly due to our working lifestyles that prevent most from keeping them in homes. Some are fully strays and live a pitiful life in our not very cat-friendly island. Many people dislike these kitties, finding them a nuisance, and the government has a culling policy of something like 10K cats annually (not too sure about the actual figures though). Also we hate rats but keep killing the cats and you'll see a spike in rat population!

Do check out Cat Welfare Society, a non-profit organisation run by volunteers that educates, process sterilisations and improve welfare of our street cats. Whenever you see a cat with clipped ears, the authorities leave them alone because they are already neutered/spayed by volunteers who capture, sterilise and release them. If you can, please make a donation to help aid in vet bills and logistics and keep our kitties from being killed. Website: www.catwelfare.org

Taken opposite my home. I think the same cat below.
We call this one Walter (don't know what his real name is.) He is larger compared to our common "drain cats". He is played with and fed by the shopkeepers and hangs about that shopping area. Before that, he approached us for food (which we promptly bought lol) at the pavement just outside my flat, and let us play with him. Here he sleeps on the bank mat without caring whether people are coming in and out of the entrance. Nowadays he isn't as friendly, and may randomly swipe at kids who come too close. I think he got tired of strangers trying to pet him lol.
This cat was just chilling at my void deck and mewing at us.

And doing belly flops.
Not sure if this was the same cat as above as it is also my void deck at night, mewing at me.

This cat was at a country club outside a security booth, I think it belongs to the guards. It did belly flops.

Pizza Hut cat. It was very vocal and friendly so we fed it some of our dried cuttlefish snacks.

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