Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yay finally here! My newly designed pins based on food =D I have more designs (original characters) still incomplete, and hopefully these will give me alittle pocket money and promote my shop abit more. 1" diameter, and available in my Etsy store in sets. I spent alot of time contemplating if a nice packaging should be included, and decided to. To save costs, I printed the attached cards on my inkjet printer to size on pretty pearlscent cards. After that I sprayed fixative because it is not waterproof. Not too shabby looking, I'm relieved! The pins are suspended on a piece of translucent fabric. Every purchase will include a little something extra!

Also, an incident happened during the afternoon yesterday (Fri 13th now I see), I  was walking on my way home with lunch and saw this frail old woman put her groceries on the ground opposite a carpark so I thought she was waiting for someone; and as I turned around to walk to my apartment block I heard a loud thud... turned around and she had fallen face down. Freaked me out, my first reaction was to make sure she didn't have a stroke or something; she fell on the ROAD from the pavement. Thankfully not a busy road with just a few cars coming out of the carpark! I dunno where she was hurt but she was bleeding alittle from her mouth and she didn't speak English and I didn't have my cellphone with me.

Thankfully a stranger driving a company van stopped and offered help to call ambulance. Then thank God again, as I was going to get some help from the clinic nearby when this girl from across the street suddenly shouted  that she knew that old woman. We were going to call the ambulance but the old lady didn't want to (she was conscious) because she couldn't afford to. Through translation, we learnt that the weather was too hot and she fainted because she was dehydrated. The blood was probably because she fell face down on her cheek from the pavement. So I ran to the nearby bakery to buy a bottle of water and the girl called her dad (who was the pastor of that old lady) to take her home. 

How about that, it was just the right timing for all of us that I was there when the old lady fell because no one else was there and dangerous to be alone lying on the road; and the kind stranger who was just turning into the carpark arrived just as I needed to find a phone without leaving the old lady out of sight. And most imptly, someone who was a friend of and could speak to the old lady so we knew that she was ok. Thank God!!


Bubbles said...

I love those badges like your aceo's they are colourful and bright, definately for all ages :).

Oh that poor old lady, thats awful but like you said its a good thing that you were going by at the right time. Its weird how every person there was in the right place at the right time or else it could have been quite a scary outcome

Bobbi said...

Whoa - bright and shiney! I love it!

Tizzalicious said...

Poor old lady!

I love the buttons and your packaging! very cute!