Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Entitled very plainly "Lightning Strikes"! This wasn't inspired by anything in particular, I just wanted to draw lightning and so I personified them! Also I'd like to try out more night scenes because it gives a more surreal vibe, doncha think?
Available in my Etsy shop here: "Lightning Strikes"

This is "Tangerine Rabbit" an ACEO repro that I recently listed in my shop. It is inspired by Cheshire Cat. There's a joke going around that Alice (in Wonderland) was on drugs... though my psychedelia was more of an element to represent a dimension travel (*coff lol*). It also resembles Totoro characters because Studio Ghibli was inspired by Chesire Cat for the character designs in the film, especially Neko Basu (Cat Bus). I used a gold sparkly pen to add a depth which cannot be observed in the scan.

Lastly, "Mushroom Lamp" is also an ACEO repro I listed today, it is a night scene too but night atmosphere was maroon because if I used black, that would ruin details. I never use black with marker backgrounds because they seldom come out right! It is embelished with sparkly gold ink to reflect light.


Tizzalicious said...

I love the second one!

Bluesaphire said...

oh i love this one,you do such nice detailed work! Fabulous! x

Bubbles said...

These absoultely fantastic, I love each and every ACEO you've created here :)