Thursday, July 2, 2015


Hello crafters, finally I have two new digital stamps after a 2-month hiatus! I have been down with consecutive colds and flus, and working on other things. This one above is called "Bus Stop Girl" and she is available at:

She is suitable for quick simple colouring and if you want to make a card with a folksy and melancholic flair. I think she came out cute!

The next one is called "Posies". She is available at:

She has long wavy hair and a lacy dress. I think she will be lovely with a simple floral background, or flower accents, doileys or ribbons. If you want, the flowers in her hair can be replaced with real satin or paper flowers glued on top!

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research paper service said...

Hello. Are we supposed to colour in these stamps? And how? By printing them? These are kind of cute by the way. Something my nephews would love to colour in!