Saturday, July 4, 2015


Made another trip to Haw Par Villa while I was feeling a little better from my flu, you can read my earlier 2011 visit in this post: Welcome to Haw Par Villa. This time the weather was very sunny with no clouds so it was pretty hot. It hasn't rained for some time so the water levels seemed a little low in the ponds. The photos here will showcase some of the features I left out in my previous post. The top photo is the entrance to 'Hell' already featured in my old post so I'll skip that!

Admission is free and the park closes at 6pm. Drinks are not allowed so you should bring some coins for the vending machines in the canteen near the toilets. The Haw Par Villa MRT is just beside the park so it should be real easy to get there. You might meet a small snacks/ice-cream vendor outside in case you are worried about starving.

 The entrance. This place is never crowded!

Cute little dragon figure. It looks a bit more modern, I wonder if it was from the 70s-80s when the dragon boat ride was an attraction.
Main central pond feature with pagodas and buddhas. The pond is full of terrapins.
Sun tanning terrapin pile.

A nice statue of liberty figure in front of the pagoda pond.

I believe this is a Garuda.

A scene from Madam White Snake, where she flooded the Jinshan temple and fought Monk Fahai to save her husband Xu Xian.

Looking down the diorama you can enter within the caves & water sculpture.

The cavern below those tiger sculptures which you access by steps, it is quite cool in here although dusty.

Colourful ceiling.

One of the memorials on site, this one is for Aw Boon Haw.

Laughing buddha.

Journey to the West diorama featuring Monk Tang Sanzang with his white horse.

Monkey King Sun Wukong battling Hong Hai'er (also known as Scarlet Child/ Red Boy). This kid is stronger than Sun Wukong, he breathes fire and is the son of Niu Mo Wang (Bull King Demon) & Tie Shan Gong Zhu (Princess Iron Fan).

Pigsy Zhu Bajie being perverted and staring at the spider demons bathing in the river.

Spider demons attacking Sandy (Monk Sha).

The white dragon horse.

Another figure of Sun Wukong, he is placed quite high up on a rock sculpture.

The Monkey King's hometown - Hua Guo Shan (Mountain of Flowers and Fruit) with his troop of monkeys.

Closeup of the Monkey King as King. His fan roughly translates to "I'm the one and only".

Mermaid children sculptures, beside the large adult ones in my old post.

Kind of disturbing.

Sea snail mermaid of sorts.

Aquatic plants revealed as water levels are lower this time. Previously I saw fishes in it. They are also renovating it. You can see the sculptures clearly now since it above water.

Three characters from Romance of Three Kingdoms: Zhang Fei, Liu Bei and Guan Yu.

Giant dioramas teaching virtues and morals.

They are very detailed and large, with a lot of things going on.


Unknown said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I've always wanted to go there. By the way, I believe the child whom Sun Wukong is fighting is Prince Nezha and not Red Boy. The fire feels under his feet are telling.

Lemon Shortbread said...

Thanks for dropping by, Jim! Yes Nezha has the fire wheels, the artist took some creative liberties here (or was confused) and gave his Red Boy the wheels also lol