Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Recently purchased these beautiful Sailor Scouts figurines of the "Girls Memories Figure" line by Banpresto! Sailor Moon was released in 2014 and Sailor Pluto in 2015. These are my favourite two senshi so I got them first, and I am definitely looking forward to Sailor Saturn when she comes out. I'd love a Luna in human form too please. Excuse my messy table.
The boxes, it doesn't have a window for you to check out the actual toy if you buy it in person, but the package image is accurate and I knew it was going to be nicely sculpted! I purchased them from Le Tendo at Funan mall at SGD$26.00 for Pluto and S$28.00 for Sailor Moon. These were meant to be UFO machine prizes.

Classic Sailor Moon pose. Her hair ponytails and the plastic stand had to be assembled. The hair buns were a little tricky to do as you had to add some careful force to it. One thing good about this is if you ever do bump her by accident, she won't break that easily because she is made of pvc & abs for some weight and stiffness.

I like how they made her hair and back collar flap as though they are in the wind.

No wand or other extra accessories, but cute enough for my table! The white plastic stand is soft and ordinary, the design is printed on top.

Sailor Pluto is very pretty. Her body comes in two pieces, her upper torso and the skirt + legs. Her staff also came in two pieces. I slotted the bottom part of the staff into her flexible palms and fitted the top part, again it was a little tricky to make it hold.

Her hair has a gradient and is dark green, it is also blowing nicely in the wind. Her skin colour is lighter than what you would expect normally from Sailor Pluto but I do not mind it.

Her pose is elegant like she is, and her expression is the usual half-smile. She is also about a half a head taller than Sailor Moon.


Michelle said...

These are just fab - Michelle x

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

Super cool. I am a fan of Sailor Moon. These figurines are nicely sculpted.

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Can i buy your pluto ?