Thursday, August 25, 2016


This is the Singapore Garden Festival on 25 July 2016. I had planned to release a video but no time for that so please enjoy the numerous photos below! I went with my mom and we had anticipated this for months.

The weather was good, it wasn't hot! It was drizzling a bit and the floor was damp from earlier rain but I'd rather take that than the scorching sun. The drizzle stopped shortly but the sky remained cloudy so that was nice too since you can't view the outdoor displays if it was pouring. It was held at Gardens by the Bay at Bayfront Marina Bay again. It was half outdoors and half indoors, and ever since they held the event here, it is getting bigger and bigger, compared to previous years when it was at Suntec City Convention Centre.

Here are my old posts from the previous years, I didn't blog about the 2010 one:
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Hanging terrariums. Terrariums are all the rage now in Sg. You can put them in your office or flat where you can't get full sunlight, nor do they require green fingers, you can also decorate them with (bootleg) Totoro miniatures everyone is selling now!

 The terrarium dome is nice and chilly, and misty. Smells a bit funky though. Nice concept.

A section full of hanging ferns, orchids, nepenthes pitcher plants! It got crowded towards the late afternoon so I got real lucky for this early people-less photo after several visitors went through the door and out of my shot lol.

Best of show. That is the hugest winter melon, I never knew we could grow such fancy pumpkins or melons in our urban landscape.

 Florist competition.

 Bonsai section.

I think this is the Fantasy section. This area was dark and some had nice lighting and fountains and video is the best way to showcase its movement and atmosphere.

 Cute outdoor display with lots of blooms. See in Sg we can't grow most of the pretty flowers due to the tropical climate (they don't bloom), only greens like grass, ferns, shrubs and trees. And maybe orchids.

 Lots of sunflowers and lots of (real) dragonflies. You can see that one that looks like a helicopter in the sky.  I'm afraid of dragonflies lol.

 Outdoor landscaping design section.

 You cannot go into any of these... They are barricaded and for display only.

 Except for this small sugar cane maze with mirrors.

 Might be nice for a local resort.

Bright morning glories, though it wasn't morning but late afternoon. Hmm called Ipomoea if I recall right.

 Glass dragonflies.

Secret Garden section.
The ground was covered with wood chips and damp, so it was squishy and muddy.
 It was crowded and due to it being enclosed, the atmosphere felt muggy.

 We took a long walk to the Flower Dome for the Orchid Show, which was outside the main festival area. The ticket allows us free admission into the Flower Dome, which is a permanent attraction.

I like this place, it's air conditioned and smells nice at times.

Getting dark and trying to view the dizzying varieties of orchids. I don't really fancy orchids but my mother does.

 Now that leftmost orchid is CRAZY stunning. See its many awards?

Ooh good idea, a durian house! It reminds me of a durian hat kid I drew back in 2004.

Thanks for reading! I may update with a video if I have some time.

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